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Tianyu, Well Service Pump and Frac Pump Manufacturer

TianyuMfg has nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing the frac pump power end, fluid ends and frac pump parts, therefore, TianyuMfg is also specialized in assembling and making complete well service pumps to the oil and gas industry. We have been supplying these triplex pumps and quintuplex pumps to US and Russian oilfields for many years with proven quality and satisfying after-sales service.

TianyuMfg supplies the well service pumps ranging from the compact acidizing and cementing 400hp to the most powerful well stimulation and fracturing quintuplex 2800hp, all are designed and manufactured to maximum flow rate and pressure capabilities. All TianyuMfg well service pumps and hydraulic fracturing pumps are designed and manufactured to the utmost service lifetime, most components are fabricated in-house to help us to serve your drilling business with reasonable price and fast delivery.

Apart from standard designs, TianyuMfg also manufactures triplex pumps and quintuplex pumps working with different plunger sizes by simply changing the plunger packing box set. this will significantly help you to reduce your frac fleet overall cost without compromising the pump performance. You can definitely get the best outcome with minimal input for choosing TianyuMfg well service pumps.

TianyuMfg well service pumps and frac pumps

We are manufacturing and supplying triplex pumps and quintuplex pumps including:


TY-HT400 Pump


TWS600 Pump

TWS2250 hydraulic fracturing pump

TWS2250 Pump

QWS1000 quintuplex pump

QWS1000 Pump

QWS2500 frac pump

QWS2500 Pump

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