Frac pump valves

Fluid end valves and seats

TianyuMfg manufactures not only standard API valves and seats but also customized as per your drawings.

TianyuMfg manufactures valves and seats in the sizes of API-3# through API-9#. We have been manufacturing a wide variety of valve seat assemblies for both frac pumps and mud pumps, covering various models for the most dominant pumps in the market.

We process the whole heat treatment in house under strict control, making sure each of your valves and seats meets your specific requirements on the carburizing depth and hardness. We utilize the state of art CNC machines to eliminate distortion of parts and precisely machine the valves and seats to API standards.

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TianyuMfg manufactures and supplies not only frac valves and seats, but also mud pump valves and seats.

All aftermarket valves and seats are 100% interchangeable with original designs. We have been manufacturing various types including full open valves and seats, 3-web valves and seats, Stem guided valves and seats, 4-web valves and seats, Novatech valves and seats, GD valves and seats for many years. All these valves and seats are designed for high performance of maximum impact absorption and service lifetime.

Full open valve and seat feature in a uniform distribution of pressure across the entire diameter of the valve taper, reducing the chances of seat washout and extend fluid end module lifetime. Both of TianyuMfg full open valves and seats are manufactured from single piece, solid body forged- alloy steel.

TianyuMfg fabricates four types of full open valves and seats, they are:

  1. Regular style with snap-on insert
  2. Regular style with bonded insert
  3. Roughneck style
  4. FKN/G2 Style

The 3 web valves and seats with a center-guided design feature in a large bearing area for the vale which minimizes the stress and prolongs service lifetime in high-pressure drilling operations.

4-web, center-guided valve is designed to achieve an easy disassembly and quick change of valve inserts so as to minimize the downtime. This type of valves and seats are widely used in low to medium pressure drilling operations.

TianyuMfg GD valves and seats are manufactured for cementing, fracturing and work over drilling operations, 100% compatible with original/OEM parts.

Novatech valve and seat are four-wing guided full open type. It features high performance and has been approved in the oilfields for years.

TianyuMfg manufactures the valve with a one-piece forging body. We make both Novatech valves with snapped-on inserts and bonded inserts.

The frequently required Novatech valves and seats from our customers are ND-7S12, ND-7V2. If you are looking for other part numbers, contact TianyuMfg for more details.

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