3in swivel joints repair kits for SPM swivels

Swivel joint repair kits

100% compatible with original SPM swivel joints.

TianyuMfg also supplies repair kits for both standard service swivel joints and H2S Service swivel joints.

It includes grease retainer, O rings, packing, internal circlip, ball stopper, steel ball, oil plug and etc..

TianyuMfg supplies repair kits for the below models and part numbers:

Kit Type Service Type Part Number
2″ 1502 Swivel Kits
Parts Kit Standard 4L17126
Parts Kit H2S 4L17193
Ball Kit Standard 4L17131
Ball Kit H2S 4L17196
Ball Plug Kit Standard 4L17136
Ball Plug Kit H2S 4L17195
Seal Kit Standard 4L17130
Seal Kit H2S 4L17194
3″ 1502 Swivel Kits
Parts Kit Standard 4L17660
Parts Kit H2S 4L17305
Ball Kit Standard 4L17303
Ball Kit H2S 4L17308
Ball Plug Kit Standard 4L17136
Seal Kit Standard 4L17265
Seal Kit H2S 4L17307
4″ 602 Swivel Kits
Parts Kit Standard 4L17267
Seal Kit Standard 4L17268
Ball Plug Kit Standard 4L17269
4″ 1002 Swivel Kits
Parts Kit Standard 4L17721
4″ 1502 Swivel Kits
Parts Kit Standard 4L17785

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Swivel joint repair kits

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