Frac pump fluid end plunger packing assembly

Plunger packing assembly

TianyuMfg high performanc plunger packings for 600hp, 1000hp, 2000/2250hp, 2500hp, 2800hp, 3000hp well service pumps.

TianyuMfg supplies frac pump plunger packing set including lantern rings, pressure rings, header rings, wiper rings, backup rings, and O rings.

We provide high-performance fluid end packings for a wide range of Weir SPM pump models, such as TWS600, TWS2250, QWS2500, QWS1000.

And we can also manufacture packing subassembly for HT400 pumps.

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TianyuMfg manufactures soft packing assembly and complete packing assembly 100% interchangeable with the below manufacturer/OEM parts:

Halliburton HT400: CDI packing assembly
Weir SPM TWS600/TWS600S
Weir SPM TWS2250: 2P104161
Weir SPM QWS1000
Weir SPM QWS2500SD/ QWS2500XL
Weir SPM QWS2800

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