Frac pump fluid end gauge port

Other fluid end parts and consumables

TianyuMfg high performance fluid end parts for HT400, 600hp, 1000hp, 2000/2250hp, 2500hp well service pumps.

TianyuMfg fabricates and supplies other fluid end parts and components such as suction valve stop, packing nuts, plunger clamp set, gauge connection, discharge flanges, pony rods, diaphragm plate, deflector housing, suction manifold, etc.

Equipped with highly advanced CNC machines in house, TianyuMfg also manufactures these necessary fluid end components for our customers. We can supply not only aftermarket parts 100% interchangeable with originals, but also custom-tailored 100% as per customers’ own designs.

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TianyuMfg manufactures all fluid end parts 100% interchangeable with the original manufacturer/OEM parts

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