Customized integral fittings

Multi Dimensional Connectors

TianyuMfg integral fittings in multi-dimensions and designs

TianyuMfg manufactures and supplies integral fittings in multi-dimensions and shapes, including fishtail connectors, multi-dimensional laterals, multi-dimensional crosses, and Wys. We can also customize your integral fittings as per your own drawings.

  • Working pressure: 21~140Mpa (3000psi~20000psi)
  • Nominal bore: 2”~4”
  • Temperature class: -29℃~121℃ (Class PU)
    -46℃~121℃ (Class PL)
  • Service types: Standard service
TianyuMfg supplies multi-dimensional connectors of a wide range of working pressure and temperature. 
Size Working Pressure Connecting type Service Type
2″ 42Mpa/6000Psi FIG602( MxFxFxF) Standard
3″ 42Mpa/6000Psi FIG602( MxFxFxF) Standard
4″ 42Mpa/6000Psi FIG602( MxFxFxF) Standard
2″ 70Mpa/10000Psi FIG1002( MxFxFxF) Standard
3″ 70Mpa/10000Psi FIG1002( MxFxFxF) Standard
4″ 70Mpa/10000Psi FIG1002( MxFxFxF) Standard
2″ 105Mpa/15000Psi FIG1502( MxFxFxF) Standard
3″ 105Mpa/15000Psi FIG1502( MxFxFxF) Standard
4″ 105Mpa/15000Psi FIG1502( MxFxFxF) Standard
2″ 140Mpa/20000Psi FIG2002( MxFxFxF) Standard
3″ 140Mpa/20000Psi FIG2002( MxFxFxF) Standard

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