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TianyuMfg manufactures and supplies high pressure flow irons in various types of end connections, Our high pressure flow control products are capable to be operated in wide temperature range and meet your specific working pressure requests. 100% interchangeable with original Weir SPM made flow irons.


End Connections:

High pressure flow iron fittings with the most used end connection types in various sizes and pressure ratings:

2″ 1502 hammer union

3″ 1502 hammer union

4″ 1002 hammer union

4″ 1502 hammer union

Each integral union connection is clearly stamped with an identification code (e.g. “1502”), and this code should be referenced when mating unions.

Operating temperature range classification:

 Standard temp: 0ºC/32℉~ 110ºC/230℉

 Low temp: -30ºC/-22℉~ 110ºC/230℉

TianyuMfg flow control service types:

Standard service

H2S (Sour Gas) Service

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TianyuMfg full range flow control products

TianyuMfg manufactures and supplies flow control products including:

FMC style plug valves in various specifications

Plug Valves

SPM Equivalent check valves

Check Valves

SPM interchangeable choke valves

Choke Valves

style 50 swivel joints and swivels

Swivel Joints

TianyuMfg high pressure manifold skid

Low-High pressure manifolds

Pup joints manufacturer TianyuMfg

Pup Joints

SPM Style/ FMC style hammer unions

Hammer Unions

Integral fittings crosses

Integral Connections

2" 1502 plug valve repair kits

Repair Kits

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