SPM Style/ FMC style hammer unions

Hammer Unions

TianyuMfg hammer union and seals are 100% interchangeable with SPM/FMC makes.

TianyuMfg manufactured robust and highly union hammer unions for both standard service and H2S service. All hammer unions are delivered to you with easy identification of size and pressure ratings on the body.

All hammer unions are manufactured with high intense alloy steel forgings conforming with ASTM and AISI standards, strict heat treatment process makes sure highly even chemical structure and pressure resistance. The technical specifications of the products are in full compliance with API Spec 6A standards. The products can be connected with pipeline thread, oil pipe thread, butt-weld type, or pressure seal end.

TianyuMfg standard hammer unions (Threaded type) are available in FIG100、FIG200、FIG206、FIG400、FIG402、FIG602、FIG1002、FIG1502, working pressure: 7~105Mpa(1000~15,000psi).

TianyuMfg welded type hammer unions are available in FIG20、FIG60、 FIG1002、FIG1502、FIG2002. Working pressure: 14~150Mpa(2000~20,000psi).

TianyuMfg H2S welded type hammer unions are for FIG602、FIG1002、FIG1502、FIG2202、Tr120×6、Tr150×6、Tr180×8. Working pressure: 35~105Mpa(5000~15,000psi).

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