The largest manufacturer of stainless steel fluid ends since 2004, 52″ quints and 60″ quints stainless steel fluid ends are AVAILABLE IN TEXAS WAREHOUSE. Completely compatible with most frac pump power ends.

Your factory partner for frac pump fluid ends

Tianyu manufactures a complete line of frac pump fluid ends including triplex plunger pump fluid ends and quintuplex pump fluid ends.
We supply fluid end blocks and fluid end assembly.

They range from 600hp to 2500hp and available in both carbon steel and stainless steel 17-4ph or 15-5ph. All these fluid ends for fracking are 100% interchangeable with the original pump makes. Our customers have been testing and using our fluid ends for over a dozen years in the US oilfields, they are proven to be completely equivalent or even exceed in the performance and durability of the original makes, especially TianyuMfg stainless steel fluid ends.

TianyuMfg frac pump fluid ends

The fluid ends that we are manufacturing are:


TWS600 fluid end


TWS2250 Fluid end


QWS1000 fluid end


QWS2500 Fluid end


QWS2800 Fluid end

HT400 fluid end- three section fluid end

HT400&HQ2000 fluid end

Y type quints fluid end

Y type quints fluid end

WQ2700 fluid end

FMC STYLE WQ2700 fluid end

FMC 2400HP three plunger fluid end

FMC STYLE Triplex 2400hp fluid end

JMAC STYLE 2510HP quints fluid end

GD STYLE 2500T/2500Q fluid end

GD STYLE Dowell PG-05 fluid end

How We Control the Quality


Certified Quality Material

All the raw material that TianyuMfg has been using are electro slag remelted, this ensures the metal purity and obtains an even metallographic structure and chemical composition, significantly increasing the service lifetime of your fluid end while reducing failure and crack.


100% Inspection

TianyuMfg has its own in-house heat treatment with 4 furnaces and quenching pool together with cooling facility and control room to ensure all fluid ends processed with the best heat treat needed.


Full Quality Documents package

Each fluid end has its unique traceability tracking number from its forging blanks. A complete quality documents package will be provided after a thorough inspection before the delivery.


Quality Warranty

TianyuMfg offers market leading quality warranty for the fluid ends that we have been manufacturing. Free and fast replacements will be provided in case of any failure occurred during the warranty period.

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Fluid End

Fluid end is a component use in fracking operations, all around the world. During the last century fracking industry has grown exponentially and the demand for Fluid End has also increased accordingly.

Fluid End, is one of the most essential component of a fracking apparatus. To understand what its function is, we have to first become cognizant of how the fracking process works, oil and gas is extracted from fracking by injecting a prop pant mixture into the hydrocarbon seam in the bowel of earth, under extremely high pressure. The prop pant flows into the nooks and crannies of the seam and cracks it due to its enormous pressure.

The cracks help with the extraction of hydrocarbons, which are sucked up. The component which is basically the gist of this endeavor is the fluid end. Fluid End is the component which endures the most pressure, abrasion and corrosion in the entire fracking apparatus, so it’s necessary to manufacture a Fluid End, which is robust, hard and sturdy to withstand these extreme conditions.

If you are running the oil & gas service business, this guide will be of great help to have a vast understanding of frac pump fluid end.

Which Material is Used to Manufacture a Fluid End?

Which Frac Fluid End Pump is Better Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel?

What is the Usual Life Time of a Frac Fluid End?

What is the Price of Fluid End?

How Many Times Fluid Ends for Fracking need to Be Replaced Annually?

Can You use a Frac Pump Fluid End for Coil Tubing?

What is a Triplex and Quintuplex of Fluid End Frac Pump?

FAQ: Which Material is Used to Manufacture a Fluid End?

In the past decades of fracking, fluid ends were manufactured using carbon steel, but since the year 2010, stainless steel made fluid end has been taking the market, especially the US. We are witnessing the other markets including Russia, Middle East and Indian are also switching to stainless steel now.

TianyuMfg was the first Chinese Manufacturer to fabricate stainless steel made fluid ends. At present, Over 80% of our fluid ends are stainless steel made for West Texas and Russian oilfields.

FAQ: Which Frac Fluid End Pump is Better Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel?

The usual lifetime of a frac carbon steel made fluid end is 450 to 500 hours, due to high pressure and abrasion. Stainless steel made fluid end can provide you with no less than 800 hours and some can last as long as 3000 pumping hours.

Contact TianyuMfg sales to check out our quality warranty of the fluid ends.

FAQ: What is the Price of Fluid End?

The price of the fluid end depends on many factors, including which material you prefer to choose, whether fully dressed or just block, triplex or quintuplex, plunger size and what your maximum working pressure is.

Contact TianyuMfg sales to check out our best prices for you.

FAQ: How Many Times Fluid Ends for Fracking need to Be Replaced Annually?

Depending on the pressure if proppant and the conditions at the fracking site, a fluid ends for fracking needs to be replaced at least 3 to 4 times annually.

FAQ: Can You use a Frac Pump Fluid End for Coil Tubing?

Yes, you can use a frac pump fluid end for coil tubing.

FAQ: What is a Triplex and Quintuplex of Fluid End Frac Pump?

A triplex fluid end frac pump has three pressure plungers and quintuplex fluid end frac pump has five pressure plungers which help to increase the pressure of the fluid.

TianyuMfg manufactures and supplies triplex fluid ends including TWS600, TWS2000/2250, and quintuplex fluid ends such as QWS1000, QWS2500, QWS2800 for your fracking business, all 100% interchangeable with dominant pump models in the oilfields.

Note: Manufacturers’ names or trademarks used on this website are for identification purposes only. TianyuMfg is not affiliated with these companies.

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