TianyuMfg, Your reliable manufacturer of fluid end parts and consumables. We can not only fabricate the standard aftermarket parts but also produce customized spare parts according to your specific drawings in a short lead-time.

TianyuMfg frac pump fluid end parts

Fluid end parts are critical as well as fluid cylinders in the high-pressure pumping business. Equipped with 10sets of CNC machines and experienced machine operators, TianyuMfg has been manufacturing all necessary fluid end parts and consumables in house for years.

TianyuMfg supplies a varied range of replacement parts and consumables for all major hydraulic fracturing and well stimulation pumps, all are guaranteed 100% interchangeable with original makes. In addition, we have also been manufacturing and supplying the components based on pump makers’ own designs. To meet the increasing demand in the oilfields, we carry a large inventory of spare parts in various specifications and guaranteed interchangeability. Quality documents are provided for every delivery out of our factory.

By supplying high-quality fluid end components and consumables, we have been witnessing our customers developing their own pump brands and expanding their pump repairs business. It has always been a great honor for us to be part of this game as a manufacturer and grow together with our clients worldwide.

TianyuMfg frac pump fluid end parts

The fluid end parts and consumables that we are manufacturing are:

QWS2500 full open valves with snapped on insert

Valves and Seats

Tungsten carbide plungers

Frac Pump Plungers

Frac pump fluid end plunger packing assembly

Plunger Packing Assembly

Frac pump fluid end gauge port

Other Fluid End Parts

How We Control the Quality


Certified Quality Material

TianyuMfg utilize raw material from ISO certified steel companies. For each batch, we will conduce in-house inspection including metallographic structure, chemical composition, and mechanical properties.


In-house Heat Treatment

TianyuMfg has its own in-house heat treatment with 4 furnaces and 1 large quenching pool together with cooling facility and control room, we control the whole process by ourselves to ensure all fluid end parts processed with the best heat treat needed.


Quality Tracking System

TianyuMfg stamps unique traceability tracking number on each of the fluid end parts that we manufacture, this is to ensure that once defects are found in any of our fluid end parts, we will response and solve the issues in a timely manner.


Free and Fast Replacements

TianyuMfg provide you free and fast replacements in case of any defects or incompatibility found in our fluid end parts and consumables.

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