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TianyuMfg manufacture and supplies both triplex frac pump and quintuplex pumps for hydraulic fracturing. The frac pumps that we are offering are 100% equivalent to SPM and GD makes, the quintuplex pump parts including power end parts and fluid end components can be interchangeable with SPM and GD pumps.

TianyuMfg frac pumps are all designed and manufactured to easily handle the maximum pressure and flow rate. We have supplied these frac pumps to the major oilfields worldwide, and they have been proven to be highly durable and long-lasting in the working fields.

TianyuMfg also provides guaranteed after-sale service including fast components replacement. We are keeping most of the frequently required components at stock, such as fluid ends and  valves&seats, plungers, packings, bearings, crankshafts, bull gears, and pinion shafts. Every time you need replacement parts for Tianyumfg frac pumps, we can get it to you very soon.

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TianyuMfg high durable frac pumps

Select the best appropriate frac pumps to reduce your fracturing costs:

TWS2250 hydraulic fracturing pump

Bomba TWS2250

QWS1000 quintuplex pump

Bomba 1000 Pimp

QWS2500 frac pump

Bomba QWS2500

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Frac Pumps

Frac pump, also referred as hydraulic fracturing pump or fracking pump, is a well stimulation pump used in hydraulic fracturing. It is used to inject fracking fluid into the bedrock formations, the high pressure generated by the frac pump can help pump the fracking fluid down through manifolds into the rock formation and increase the extraction of natural oil and gas.

Now let’s have a look at what fracking actually is. Fracking is the use of a high-pressure mixture of sand and water to cause cracks in the underground seams of rocks that contain hydrocarbon resources. The mixture is injected at such an extreme pressure that it leads to the fissure of solid rock.

Which application a frac pump has?

How does a frac pump work?

Who are the major frac pump manufacturers worldwide?

What frac pump does TianyuMfg manufacture?

How to increase the performance of a frac pump?

What are the advantages of using a frac pump over drilling?

What is the horsepower specification of an average frac pump?

How much a frac pump cost for fracking a well?

Which application does a frac pump has?

  • Electric Fracturing
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Acidizing
  • Fracturing

How does a frac pump work?

Frac pump works on the principle of overpowering the high-pressure mixture of water, sand, and chemicals into the rock formations from deep underground.

The water sand mixture pumped by the suite of the fracturing pump causes cracks in the rock formations which can be as long as 40 feet. The cracks allow the natural gas and oil to pass through for extraction.

Who are the major frac pump manufacturers worldwide?

  • KERR
  • CAT

What frac pump does TianyuMfg manufacture?

TianyunMfg is a reliable frac pump manufacturer, it produces frac pumps for a wide range of capabilities like triplex 2250hp pumps, quintuplex 2500hp pumps and durable quintuplex 2800hp pumps required for various fracking operations. TianyunMfg is specialized in manufacturing premium quality fracking pumps with the most coveted durability in harsh working conditions. Standards of API are followed strictly from early stages of testing of manufacturing material to integration of various components.

TianyunMfg is capable of manufacturing high-quality frac pumps, equivalent to original pump makers in the pumping performance. Moreover, most of the parts can be interchangeable with the SPM frac pumps, Garden Denver frac pumps, and Halliburton frac pumps. If you choose TianyuMfg made frac pumps, you will save significant costs in the spare parts replacements in the pump repair & maintenance.

How to increase the performance of a frac pump?

The performance of a frac pump can be enhanced by employing frac inducing fluids in fracking operation.

Different types of inducing fluids are available or prepared at site for fulfillment of various requirements. Each fluid helps in a wide range of conditions so it should be used according to the expert advice to gain the coveted performance.

What are the advantages of using a frac pump over drilling?

  • First benefit is its reasonable portability, it can be laid with its reinforced frame pretty quickly on a limited layout of the land. This makes frac pumps more coveted when the job is supposed to be done on mountainous, forested, or hilly terrain.
  • Operability of frac pump is much more advanced than drill operation, intelligent fracking control provides better performance.
  • Various fluids or fluids with varying consistencies can be used to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Safety is much more ensured than in drill operation.
  • Satellite communication helps monitor remote fracking sites and helps with locating and dispatching fracking operations.
  • The most powerful frac pumps wielding turbine engines provide a power output of up to 5000 horsepower.

What is the horsepower specification of an average frac pump?

Frac pumps are equipped on an Entourage of dozen or so fracturing trucks which are laden with pressure pumps, the pressure ascends in the frac pump in increasing intervals and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Want to know about the pumping record set till today? Well, it’s 18million horsepower in the United States.

Check the horsepower specifications of TianyuMfg frac pumps:

How much a frac pump cost for fracking a well?

Average hydraulic fracking pumps cost an average of 3000 U.S. dollars to frac a residential well. The cost will surge to about 5000 or 7000 U.S. dollar for a zone fracking to a residential well when everything is assembled.

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