Émbolos de carburo de tungsteno

Pistones de bombas de fracturación

TianyuMfg fabrica émbolos de bombas de fracturación de alto rendimiento para diversas well service pumps, including HT400, TWS600, QWS1000, TWS2000/TWS2250, QWS2500, QWS2800, FMC WQ2700.

TianyuMfg es capaz de fabricar pistones de terminales de fluidos de alta calidad llave en mano, las normas API se siguen estrictamente desde las pruebas de la materia prima hasta el embalaje de la pieza terminada.

TianyuMfg suministra una gama completa de pistones de fracturación para las principales bombas de servicio de pozos, como Weir SPM, J-MAC, GARDNER DENVER, Halliburton, OPI, OMEGA ETC. También producimos pistones de terminales de fluidos en una amplia gama de tratamientos de acabado de la superficie para satisfacer sus requisitos específicos de dureza, resistencia a la corrosión, etc. 

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Seguimos mejorando y desarrollando las tecnologías de recubrimiento más avanzadas para aumentar la durabilidad de forma impresionante.

nuestros revestimientos superficiales estándar incluyen el revestimiento de aleación AMS 4775, el revestimiento Colmonoy, el revestimiento cerámico y el revestimiento de carburo de tungsteno, ampliamente utilizados.

Los pistones de carburo de tungsteno que fabricamos duran el doble que los recubiertas de aleación de níquel según pruebas realizadas en campo.

Aquí se enumeran sólo algunos de los pistones estándar que fabricamos:



Pump Model Plunger Size Plunger Part No. Pump


Pump Model Plunger Size
Weir SPM TWS600 2.50″ 3P104740 Gardner Denver GD2250 4.00″
2.75″ 3P101733 4.50″
3.00″ 3P100325 5.00″
3.50″ 3P100293 J-mac TWS2250 4.00″
4.00″ 3P100813 4.50″
4.50″ 3P100181 QWS2510 4.00″
TWS1800/2000 3.75″ 3P103887 4.50″
4.00″ 3P100339 Halliburton HT-400 4.00″
4.50″ 3P100654 4.50″
5.00″ 3P100233 Gardner Denver XOPI1300 AWS 4.00″
5.50″ 3P107060 (OPI) EOPI1800AWS 4.50″
5.75″ 3P107061 OPI, OMEGA OPI1300/1800 AWS 5.00″
6.00″ 3P107062
6.50″ 3P100258
TWS2250 4.00″ 3P100339
4.50″ 3P100654
5.00″ 3P100233
5.50″ 3P100136
5.75″ 3P107061
6.00″ 3P107062
6.50″ 3P100258
QWS-2000-2500 3.75″ 3P103887
4.00″ 3P100339
4.50″ 3P100654
5.00″ 3P100233
5.50″ 3P107060
5.75″ 3P107061
6.00″ 3P107062
6.50″ 3P100258

Note: Manufacturers’ names or trademarks used on this website are for identification purposes only. TianyuMfg is not affiliated with these companies.

La aleación con base de níquel sigue siendo el recubrimiento estándar y el más demandado en los émbolos solicitados por nuestros clientes. También hemos estado utilizando émbolos con este revestimiento en nuestras propias puntas de fluido estándar.

La composición de la aleación a base de níquel es equivalente a METCO 15 o Colmonoy 88, HRC60. Le proporciona una mayor resistencia al desgaste y a la corrosión.

Frac pump tungsten carbide plungers

Su mejor elección de pistones de bomba de fracturación resistentes al desgaste.

TianyuMfg aplica recubrimientos de carburo de tungsteno uniformemente en los émbolos de extremo de fluido utilizando la tecnología de superficie de plasma, la dureza de la superficie puede alcanzar hasta HRC70.

Los émbolos de carburo de tungsteno le ofrecen una resistencia superior al desgaste, Además, su vida útil también se incrementa significativamente, manteniendo su rentabilidad.

TianyuMfg fabrica émbolos de cerámica de la más alta pureza de óxido, los materiales más requeridos son Sicer 315 y 317.

Los émbolos cerámicos de las bombas de fractura se caracterizan por un gran acabado suave y una mayor vida útil de la empaquetadura.

QWS2500 frac pump plungers

Contact TianyuMfg for other specs and configurations.

Plunger, Hard surfce, L-Spacer HT 400 PN 316.23085

Plunger, Hard surfce, L-Spacer HT 400 plunger PN 316.23085

Contact TianyuMfg for other specs and configurations.

FMC 4.5″ frac pump plunger

Contact TianyuMfg for other specs and configurations.

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Pistones de bombas de fracturación

The frac pump plunger, also referred as fluid end plunger and frac plunger is an extremely important part of the fluid ends. It moves with a complete set of plunger packings and creates a suction effect at the end and opens the suction valve. Then, The plunger moves forward and moves the volume through it, and considerably increases the pressure of the fluid that will be pumped. While they make repetitive movements under great pressure, opening and closing the valves and circulating the frac fluid in the fracturing process under great pressure.

By using the fluid end plungers, the fluid end converts the rotational movement of the drive motor into a repetitive movement back and forth on the plungers. The plungers are coupled to the crossheads at the power end and enter the liquid end of the pump through the filling boxes. The drive motors can be electric motors, but also internal combustion engines, and the hydraulic drives can also be activated, so the fluid end is made of a robust forged material to be prepared for difficult continuous use in extreme conditions.

What surface coatings are commonly used for fluid end plungers?

What’s the difference between plungers made of different materials?

How frequently does it need to change fluid end plunger during operation?

How to replace your fluid end plungers?

What kind of plungers does TianyuMfg produce?

FAQ: What surface coatings are commonly used for fluid end plungers?

The most common surface finishing for fluid end plungers are Nickle-based alloy coating, hard chrome coating, tungsten carbide surface finishing and ceramic coated.

FAQ: What’s the difference between plungers made of different materials?

  • Nickel-based alloy coated fluid end plunger
    This is the standard and the most popular type required by the customers and TianyuMfg is also using this type in its own fluid ends. The composition is equivalent to METCO 15 or Colmonoy 88, HRC60. It works with improved wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Tungsten Carbide plungers
    TianyuMfg mainly sells to the US and Russia for this type. Hardness can reach up to HRC68-70. Tungsten carbide coating reduces wear from wear however it is not specifically corrosion resistant.
  • Hard chrome plungers
    When hard chrome is applied on the plunger, coating thickness/ depth can be done at Max. 0.3mm/ 0.0118in. If it ever goes up, the coated layer can be easily peeled off. This hardening and protective coating on the base material often works for pumping fluids without much lubrication.
  • Émbolos de cerámica
    TianyuMfg makes fully ceramic plungers with Sicer- 315 and 317, Ceramic is abrasive resistance. However, once there is a broken pc during pumping, it is definitely not a good experience to clear them up.

FAQ: How frequently does it need to change fluid end plunger during operation?

The fluid end plunger is stated to be replaced as required and listed on the yearly preventive maintenance. Based on different working conditions and fluid mixture, the fluid end plunger’s service lifetime may vary from hundreds of hours to 1500hours.

FAQ: How to replace your fluid end plungers?

Worn plungers and packing brass shall be removed and replaced in time for preventive maintenance.

After removing the plunger lube fitting, packing nut, and suction cover, use TianyuMfg plunger wrench to unscrew the worn plunger from the crosshead and pull it out of the fluid end chamber. Please pay attention to prevent any contaminants from entering the power end section after the plunger is removed.

Complete cleaning of the fluid end cylinder and packing assemblies must be done before installation new packings and frac plungers, you don’t want any abrasive material or debris to ruin the replaced parts. After packing nut are appropriately installed, coat the hard surface of each plunger and put it into the packing. Use an aluminum bar and hammer, bump the plunger into the packing while holding it straight until the threaded bore reaches the crosshead stud. Then tighten the plunger to the crosshead with a plunger wrench to the right torque. Lastly, put the packing nut back as tight as possible, you will need to run the pump under pressure for a few revolutions to get the packing self-adjusted.

FAQ: What kind of plungers does TianyuMfg produce?

TianyuMfg manufactures all types of frac pump plungers for both triplex plunger pumps and quintuplex plunger pumps. The most demanded type among our customers is nickel based alloy coated plungers, it offers you the best cost to performance for your job. To meet customers’ increasing demand on corrosive resistance, acid resistance, and longer service lifetime, we are also fabricating tungsten carbide plungers and ceramic plungers.

We are not only supplying aftermarket frac plungers for all major well service pumps but also manufacturing 100% as per your drawings.

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