TianyuMfg High-Pressure Frac Hose Full Flow ID Design and Excellent Frac Media Resistance

It is time to replace your iron products with high pressure frac hoses

TianyuMfg high-pressure frac hose is the efficient replacement for traditional iron products for your frac site operations. It can be manufactured with a variety of end connections and in multiple lengths. The pressure can be as high as 15000psi.

TianyuMfg swage-on frac hose adopts new crimped methods to significantly reduce the product weight and production cost, the finished frac hose is much more flexible than the vulcanized frac hose with built-in fittings. This frac hose uses Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene in its inner tube structure. It provides you with excellent resistance against corrosion, abrasion to meet your various fracking requirements.

Main Benefits:

  • Maximize fracking efficiency with streamlined operations and fast rig-up/rig-down.
  • Minimize the flow irons connections and reduce the possible leak points.
  • Absorb vibration, reduce tortuosity and turbulence to extend equipment’s service lifetime.
  • Reduce the cost of iron replacements and recertification.

Main Features:

  • The frac hose adopts advanced crimping methods to eliminate unnecessary expensive fittings, achieving lighter weight and cost-effectiveness.
  • Full flow ID design eliminates turbulence at the hose end.
  • Unique designed nipple removes the gap between nipples and the inner tubes to terminate any possible leak paths under high pressure.
  • Strong abrasion resistance material UPE is used in the inner tube to provide a low friction coefficient, less wear, 20% faster flow speed, and impressive chemical resistance performance.
  • Maximum working pressure as high as 15,000psi, minimum burst pressure is 30,000psi.
  • Excellent pull-off resistance under maximum working pressure.
  • Lighter and more flexible compared to the vulcanized frac hose with build-in coupling.

Technical Data

ID OD Max. Working Pressure Min. Burst Pressure Weight Fitting I.D. Min. bending Radius Max Length
Inch mm Inch mm PSI Bar PSI Bar lb/ft kg/m mm mm m
2.5 64 4.92 125 15000 1035 30000 2070 21 31 61 900 60
3 76 5.43 138 15000 1035 30000 2070 25 37 72 1100 60

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