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Frac pump fluid end plungers

TianyuMfg frac pump fluid end plungers are 100% compatible with all major well service pumps, including Weir SPM, GD, Halliburton, FMC, OPI etc.

TianyuMfg manufactures aftermarket fluid end plungers for various well service pumps, our plungers are completely interchangeable with originals on Weir SPM pumps, Halliburton HT400 pump and HQ2000 Grizzley pumps, FMC triplex and quintuplex pump etc. All these frac pump plungers are manufactured and inspected in compliance with API and ISO standards. 

TianyuMfg provides fluid end plungers with a wide choice of surface finishing, it includes the standard nickel-based alloy coating, tungsten carbide coating, and ceramic surface finishing. We will choose the best appropriate surface treatment for you based on your requirements on wear resistance, corrosive resistance, and budget. 

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TianyuMfg is always going the extra mile in studying the cutting-edge coating technologies to impress you with high performance and long service life.

We have rich experience in manufacturing frac pump plungers with below surface treatment:

  • Standard nickel-alloy based coating.
  • AMS 4775 alloy coating
  • Colmonoy coating
  • Ceramic coating
  • Tungsten carbide coating.

Among these different surface coatings, TianyuMfg tungsten carbide plungers last the longest. It runs twice as long as nickel alloy coated plungers.

Here are the most demanded plungers requested by our customers:



Pump Model Plunger Size Plunger Part No. Pump


Pump Model Plunger Size
Weir SPM TWS600 2.50″ 3P104740 Gardner Denver GD2250 4.00″
2.75″ 3P101733 4.50″
3.00″ 3P100325 5.00″
3.50″ 3P100293 J-mac TWS2250 4.00″
4.00″ 3P100813 4.50″
4.50″ 3P100181 QWS2510 4.00″
TWS1800/2000 3.75″ 3P103887 4.50″
4.00″ 3P100339 Halliburton HT-400 4.00″
4.50″ 3P100654 4.50″
5.00″ 3P100233 Gardner Denver XOPI1300 AWS 4.00″
5.50″ 3P107060 (OPI) EOPI1800AWS 4.50″
5.75″ 3P107061 OPI, OMEGA OPI1300/1800 AWS 5.00″
6.00″ 3P107062
6.50″ 3P100258
TWS2250 4.00″ 3P100339
4.50″ 3P100654
5.00″ 3P100233
5.50″ 3P100136
5.75″ 3P107061
6.00″ 3P107062
6.50″ 3P100258
QWS-2000-2500 3.75″ 3P103887
4.00″ 3P100339
4.50″ 3P100654
5.00″ 3P100233
5.50″ 3P107060
5.75″ 3P107061
6.00″ 3P107062
6.50″ 3P100258

Note: Manufacturers’ names or trademarks used on this website are for identification purposes only. TianyuMfg is not affiliated with these companies.

QWS2500 frac pump plungers

TianyuMfg manufactures fluid end plungers for all Weir SPM well service pumps in all plunger sizes.

Tell us the part numbers or pump model and plunger size, we will send the quote soon.

Plunger, Hard surfce, L-Spacer HT 400 PN 316.23085

Plunger, Hard surfce, L-Spacer HT 400 plunger PN 316.23085

You can find the fluid end plungers for HT400 4″, 4 1/2″ and 5″ pumps.

Contact TianyuMfg to discuss more.

FMC 4.5″ frac pump plunger

Other specs and configurations may be available, contact TianyuMfg for more information.

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Fluid End Plungers

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