Unparallel precision, Strict quality control, Batch to batch consistency TianyuMfg is your first choice for bridge plugs and cement retainers.

TianyuMfg High Performance Downhole Tools

TianyuMfg suppliers a variety of downhole tools specifically tailored for applications demanding high pressure and high temperature. TianyuMfg downhole tools are made from a wide range of high-performance material configurations, including low alloy steels compatible with API P110 tubulars or API L80 tubulars, Martensitic and PH stainless steel, and Nickle alloy. The materials that we use have been approved to be highly durable and reliable in both standard non-corrosive service and corrosive CO2 and H2S service.

TianyuMfg Downhole Tools

Cast iron bridge plugs packing

Bridge Plugs

Downhole tool cement retainers

Cement Retainers

Coil tubing stripper rubber seal

Coil Tubing Stripper Rubber

Mud motor stack bearings

Mud Motor Bearings

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