TWS2250 crankshaft

Well Service Pump Crankshaft

TianyuMfg high performance crankshafts for 600hp, 1000hp, 2000/2250hp, 2500hp, 2800hp, 3000hp well service pumps.

As the leading crankshaft manufacturer in China, TianyuMfg machines the crankshafts with high-quality durable and forged alloy steel, precise machining, and quality heat treatment ensures a longer service life than our competitors. The customers can easily balance and mount the crankshafts to the power frame with four cylindrical roller bearings.

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TianyuMfg manufactures durable crankshafts 100% interchangeable with the below manufacturer/OEM parts

Weir SPM TWS600/TWS600S Crankshaft assembly: 1P100080
Weir SPM TWS2250:
Weir SPM QWS1000: 1P108931
Weir SPM QWS2500SD/ QWS2500XL: 2A113295, 2P111511
Weir SPM QWS2800

If you need any part numbers or other configurations of the crankshaft, contact TianyuMfg for more details.

TianyuMfg is also manufacturing customer-tailored crankshafts as per your drawings to help you build your own robust pump brands.

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