Frac pump bull gears and pinion shafts

Bull gears and pinion shaft

TianyuMfg manufactures standard bull gears and pinion shaft set 100% compatible with pumps including TWS600S/ QWS1000 /TWS2250/QWS2500.

TianyuMfg manufactures bull gear set with precise machining from one-piece forged, well heat-treated alloy steel for maximum service life. The forged teeth provide great tooth durability.

The pinion shaft is made of forged, well heat-treated alloy steel with helical gears accurately machined to AGMA quality 10 specifications. In addition, the gear teeth are treated with surface hardening to BHN360, providing you with remarkable durability.

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TianyuMfg manufactures gears and pinion shaft 100% interchangeable with the below manufacturer/OEM parts

Weir SPM TWS600/TWS600S: Bull gears+ Pinion shaft- short (2P103273 )
Weir SPM TWS2250: Gears (No. 2P111851 and No. 2P111852) + Shaft ( No. 2P113242 on the splines)
Weir SPM QWS1000
Weir SPM QWS2500/ QWS2500XL: Gears (No. 2P111851 and No. 2P111852) + Shaft ( No. 2P107673 KEYED)
Other pinion options: 2P101298 (Splined), 2p101303(Keyed), 2P109052 (Splined)

TianyuMfg is also manufacturing custom-tailored gears and shaft for customers’ own pump design, Pls contact TianyuMfg for other configurations.

Note: Manufacturers’ names or trademarks used on this website are for identification purposes only. TianyuMfg is not affiliated with these companies.

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