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fracturing, well pump service and downhole drilling.

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Established in the year 2004, TianyuMfg has been manufacturing high-quality well service pumps and parts for hydraulic fracturing and downhole drilling for over 16 years. We are supplying aftermarket frac pump parts and high-pressure flow irons of all major pump makers including Weir SPM, Gardner Denver, Halliburton, FMC, OPI. All our products are 100% interchangeable with these original makes and we are supplying them with the market-leading quality warranty.

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TianyuMfg, Your Aftermarket Parts Manufacturer For:

Weir SPM Pump Parts

  • SPM Triplex and Quintuplex Pumps:
    • TWS 600• TWS 2000• TWS 2250 • QWS1000 • QWS 2500• QWS 2800
  • Power ends and the components including crosshead, connecting rod, bearings, bull gears and shaft, crankshaft.
  • Fluid ends and fluid end parts, such as valves&seats, plungers, packing set, retainers, flange, etc
  • Fluid end installation and removal tools, including seat puller, suction/discharge cover puller, plunger tool, packing nut wrench, packing remover, drain tool.

Weir SPM Flow Control

  • High-pressure swivel joints
  • Plug valves and repair kits
  • Check valves
  • Chokes
  • Integral connections:
    • Laterals • Tees • Wyes• Ells • Crosses
  • Pup joints
  • Hammer unions
    Service type: Standard service and H2s service

Halliburton Pump Parts

  • HT400& HQ2000 complete pump and fluid ends, 4” & 4.5” plunger sizes
  • HT400 Power ends and power end components:
    Crankshaft and main bearing assembly• Crosshead and connecting rod subassembly• Crosshead slide subassembly• Ring gear subassembly• Worm gear thrust-end assembly• Worm gear drive-end assembly.
  • HT400 Fluid ends and refurbishment spare parts:
    Discharge valve subassembly • Suction valve subassembly • Fluid end assembly • Plunger/Cylinder head cover subassembly • Packing nut, and packing subassembly

FMC Pump Parts and Flow Control

  • FMC Triplex 2400hp fluid end blocks
  • WQ2700 fluid end and fluid end spare parts
  • FMC Plug valves, FMC plug valve repair kits
  • FMC Chiksan swivel joint
  • FMC hammer union

Gardner Denver Pump Parts

  • GD TEE valves & seats, plungers
  • GD2500T/GD2500Q Fluid end
  • Dowell PG-05 fluid end and parts

Downhole Tools

  • High-performance bridge plugs including:
    Cast iron bridge plug• Composite bridge plug• Permanent bridge plug
  • Cement retainers
    Cast iron cement retainers• Composite cement retainers
  • Stripper packoff rubber seal

Why Choose TianyuMfg?

TianyuMfg, both API and ISO certified, is the best factory partner for your fracturing and downhole drilling business.

Since the establishment, TianyuMfg has been dedicated to manufacture high quality hydraulic fracturing pumps and flow control products for international markets. By far, we have been serving all major oilfields worldwide including Eagle ford shale, Permian basin in Texas US, Siberian Bazhenov formation in Russia and Middle East.


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We Deliver Dood Quality Products Over & Over Again


API & ISO Certified

All our manufacturing productivity are organized by strictly following the requirements of API and Q1 Spec. We have full capabilities to meet stringent quality, product and service specifications.


Full Quality Documents package

All TianyuMfg products will be delivered with full quality documents package. In this package, you can find the inspection records from the raw material to final dimension checking.


100% Inspection Rate Before Delivery

TianyuMfg fully understands the huge cost of delivering defective products to our customers, so we imply 100% inspection rate for all orders, no matter how big or how small it is.


Quality Warranty

TianyuMfg provides market leading quality warranty for our products, especially for the fracturing fluid ends. We are confident in the quality of the products we manufactured because of the quality manufacturing process and rigorous product testing.

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Good Longevity

TianyuMfg made well service pump parts and tools have been proven in the major oilfields for many years.

It wins us good reputation in the long lasting service hours. For example, TianyuMfg has been manufacturing stainless steel made fluid ends since year 2014, some of our S.S quintuplex fluid ends have served more than 3680 pumping hours in Permian basin.

Immediate Delivery

TianyuMfg consistently replenish the inventory of parts and consumables for frac pump maintenance and repair.

Besides, we also keep large volume of forgings for the frac pump fluid ends and consumables, flow control products and downhole tools. We can deliver out your needed fluid end parts in the same day that you want.


Free & Fast Replacement for Defective Goods

TianyuMfg stands behind the quality of every frac pump parts, flow fittings and downhole drilling tool we sold and delivered to you.

If you receive any defective product, YianyuMfg will replace with new ones at our own cost and expense. Each of our products is stamped with a unique quality traceability number, you can use this unique number to easily claim a refund, repair, or replacement.

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As a leading fluid end manufacturer in the industry, we feel a great responsibility to consistently improve our product quality standards to better help to solve our customers’ problems and to reduce their supply chain costs. I am happy that we are working so hard in this direction and never compromise our quality while achieving our goals. Being a quality person and continuously bringing values to you will be my core targets. —Sophie, Sales Director.